Sunday, 20 July 2008

Chocolate cake

This was another birthday cake, but I went back to my old favourite recipe after the dissapointing outcome of the masquerade cake . The recipe for the cake and chocolate ganache can be found here.

This was a lovely cake, with light sponge layers and a (very) sweet fudge icing. The two textures went together really well. Definately an improvement. The cake itself is an easy all in one method and the only trouble with the icing was deciding when to spread it on the cake; too warm and it'll run off the cake, too cold and it'll be too hard to spread. I like to have it slightly too runny so that most of the marks on the surface settle leaving a smooth glossy surface.

I used fluted sandwich tins and added a few decorations. It was my first time using dusting powders as shading to make the flowers look more realistic and while I think I need more practise, I learnt alot too :)


Ruth Elkin said...

Beautiful chocolate cake with beautiful flowers!!!! Love that you used fluted tins.

The Mood Food Blog said...

Wow that looks great and highly dangerous! :)

Sio said...

Thanks Ruth.

Donal, yes the icing especially was decadent. It was a little 6" cake, so we only had a small slice each!

Donal @ The Good Mood Food Blog said...

Oh good to hear! If that was left out in my house I would find the girlfriend looking suspicious and covered in chocolate!