Thursday, 28 August 2008

Indulgent Chocolate Brownies

Mmmm brownies. These were to celebrate my brother's fantastic exam results, so I went ahead and made the indulgent and not the (entirely relative) 'lighter' version in my trusty Mary Berry Book. Oh, making them made me feel sinful. They're basically chocolate, margarine and sugar, with a few other ingredients added in for fun; they really do deserve the name. The recipe can be found here. I omitted the nuts.

I was initally sceptical that this would stretch to 24 brownies, but they're so rich that you really couldn't eat more. I'll admit to having a sweet tooth, but was stumped. They taste better than they look in the picture.

I seem to have been focusing on chocolate recipes recently, I must try something different soon...

1 comment:

Ruth E said...

Wish I had read this sooner - I'd have been up at your house trying to scrounge one!