Friday, 27 March 2009

Mother's Day Cake

oops, a little bit late posting this but here's the cake I made for my mum on Mother's Day last Sunday.

I used the orange madeira recipe from before, but covered it in buttercream as a change from fondant icing. The sides were originally supposed to be piped in a basketweave pattern to make it a basket of flowers, as I bought this tip a while ago and wanted to try it out. Initially it went well but the combination of a warm kitchen, warm hands and not enough icing in the buttercream meant it started to melt so I had to smooth it.. It bothers me that you can see cake in this picture.

I practised making sugarpaste flowers again and tried 'pincing' the tips of the petal shapes and really like how it makes the petals look 3D. I'll be doing it this was in the future!

I chose the colours first and then happened to see flowers that matched when I went to buy some, so they matched which was nice.

So for all of you mothers, I hope you had a lovely day on Sunday.

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Ruth E said...

Great cake - I should really learn how to make pretty flowers like that!