Friday, 9 July 2010

Not quite disasters but...

Hmm, after baking so much for my wedding I took a break for a few months. I've slowly eased myself back in with normal routine family stuff. Recently though I've felt inspired to try out a few new reciepes and lets just say they haven't exactly gone as planned.

First there was the apple custard buns. Essentially normal buns/cupcakes with a layer of custard in the middle and sliced apples on top. How hard could it be. Except that I didn't quite read the recipe, the first instruction was 'make custard'. Strangely though how to make the custard was the last instruction. So when I combined the ingedients and they were cold and lumpy I resorted to packet custard. Except that when I put in the top layer of batter the warm custard mixed into it. The result were buns that tasted custard which was actually quite nice, but not how they looked in the book.
Then I decided to make plain, completely standard chocolate buns. However the extra large eggs meant a bit of a runny mixture. I noticed but couldn't be bothered to fix it. What came out of the oven was perfectly flat buns that stuck to the paper cases. Chocately though.
And finally my most spectacular failure ever. I wanted to make a cherry cake. I've used the recipe before a few times and had no bother. The same larger eggs went in though; also I had turned the temperature down from the chocolate buns so the oven temperature probably wasn't stable. For the first hour all was well, it rose to a slightly domed top. Coming back at the time to take it out though I was greeted with this:

To show just how much it dropped I had to take a profile shot:

Luckily I have a family that will accept almost anything and know that custard solves many ills. Hopefully I'll get out of my rut soon so I can actually let other people eat my hard work!

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