Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mini cakes

I was lucky enought to get a mini cake tin for Christmas, and some bun cakes to use in them.

The pink ones are lovely and bright and I adore the sweet flowery ones. You can see them here beside a normal case.

I decided to keep my first attempt simple, using normal bun mixture. I made enough batter to do a dozen 'normal' sized buns, and ended up with 30 mini ones! So next time I'll cut the recipe down. Also I might overfill them slightly to make just 12 so I don't have to wait for one set to finish to make the last 3.

1 egg
2 oz caster sugar
2 oz self raising flour
2 oz margarine

1) Cream sugar and margarine until well mixed and lighter in colour
2) Beat in the egg
3) Mix in the flour
4) Spoon in to bun cases
5) Bake for 15 min at 180 C

I kept the decorations colourful with some chocolate and Smarties.

I also made some almond petit fours. As usual you had to lick them off the bun cases as they stick to the paper but I quite like them that way now.

The end result looked like a kids party :)

I'm trying to think of other things to do with my cake tin now. Mini cheesecakes maybe. Any suggestions?


Me said...

How lovely to have cakey-bakey related Christmas presents! They turned out beautifully and definately make a cheerful centrepiece :) Yes please to the mini cheesecakes- I look forward to the update on that one!

Dave said...

Yorkshire puddings!