Thursday, 20 March 2008

Rubix Cube Cake

These are old photos of a cake I did for an 80's birthday party. Not sure if the colours are right, but it's all I had in the cupboard.

Its two madeira cakes on top of each other. they're actually round ones cut into squares. A bit of a mad way of doing it I know, but I didn't have the deep enough square tins. We got to eat the excess bits though. It's called quailty control :)

By this point I hadn't discovered that you can get coloured fondant, and had to make do with supermarket white, painted with food colouring using a pastry brush. Also, I did each square seperatley, and then joined them together. Can't really remember the reason, possibly to have clear lines between the colours. Don't try this at home, it took ages, and I ended up with rainbow hands!

The black lines are dark chocolate matchmakers,as our local corner shop didn't have licorice laces. (how strange was that?)

A but messy and the icing was quite sickening, but the cake was yummy and looked good in the end.

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