Monday, 30 June 2008

Jam Roll

This is my first attempt at a jam roll, but worked out quite well. I used the recipe from my Australian Women's Weekly cake book, which can be found on their website here:

As I thought, the trickiest bit was rolling it. I took the book's advice and rolled along the longest layer, meaning less 'rolls' but that it didn't fall apart. Also, to make it more interesting, I spread half with the normal strawberry jam and half with lemon curd. I was lucky enought o get the half and half bit. Unfortunately there's no picture of the jam one, as it was all eaten before I got to my camera! I fancy trying a peanut butter and jam one. I think the flaw with this is firstly that it would ruin the lightness of the sponge, and secondly it would 'tear' the sponge when spread.

The lemon curd version was yummy, but I wouldn't put as much on as the jam as I did, because it's more runny and oozes out the side.

Although this is meant to be a 'light' dessert, we did add custard to make it perfect.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention I have a poll on favourite cake flavours. I'm just curious :)

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Ruth Elkin said...

I love swiss roll!!!! Rob will only ever eat it with raspberry jam in it but I'll have to make a special one just for me with lemon curd, sounds gorgeous!