Friday, 31 October 2008

Christening Cakes

These buns were for a family Christening. They took me ages, but mostly because I kept changing my mind about what went on the top. They are plain sponge buns, but I accidentaly dropped some cocoa in when I was prepping other ones, so they came out slightly darker and sweeter than normal, but it wasn't too much of a difference.

I think the fluted cutter really made a difference.
When I was in the shop buying the blue sugarpaste I saw this little cutie and couldn't resist. I'll have to think of more uses for it! If you can think of any, let me know.

This lead to the basic shapes here:

Once I added sugarpaste toppers, I decided I wanted to add some more detail to make them more complete. I made up some royal icing with an instant royal icing mix, and added a few details, which made them much better. I haven't done fine icing for ages, and you can tell the ones I did first, as the lines are a bit wobbly.

So cute, even if I do say so myself

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cakedecorator said...

The cakes deocrated in pale blue and white are perfect for a christening or new baby. Well done

I love cake decorating